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College Rules

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Code of Conduct

1. Every boy in the School is expected to keep;

(a) a Communication Book wherein letters of excuse are written.

(b) a separate book for the homework that he has been given.

2. The following places are out of bounds to all students of the College:

(a) All tourist hotels and guesthouses and the railway lines at all times.

(b) All shops, boutiques, eating houses, internet cafes and video game parlors during school hours.

(c) The Boarding House to all Day Scholars at all times.

(d) The Tuck shop during class hours.

3. Any boy whose work or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory by his actions in or outside the school, during term or vacation, bringing the school into disrepute, maybe discontinued at the discretion of the Principal.

4. No student will be allowed to remain in College after he has reached the age of 20 years. If a boy reaches the age of 20 years during the course of any year, he may be allowed to stay in College till the end of that term in which he reaches his 20th birthday, at the discretion of the Principal.

5. Every boy must be punctual at Roll Call. Those who come in late without adequate reason are liable to be punished.

6. School days are normally from Monday to Friday. If classes are to be held on a Saturday for any reason, parents will be given adequate notice.

7. Boys traveling to and from school by any method of transport, private or public, are expected to maintain the highest standards of behavior and not cause any annoyance to members of the general public. Walking along the railway lines is expressly forbidden.

8. All Day Scholars should be in their respective homes by 6.30 p.m. unless in the company of their parents or otherwise with the express permission of the Principal.


Admission to the College is at the sole discretion of the Principal and the Admissions Committee approved by the Board of Governors.

Absence from School/Classroom

1. If a boy is absent from school for more than three (3) days due to illness, he must produce a Medical Certificate on his return to School. If a boy requires to be absent from school for any reason other than illness, permission for such absence should be sought and obtained in advance. Medical appointments and family functions should as far as possible be arranged for outside school hours. A boy who has becomes ill while at school can get medical attention from the College Sick Room.

2. Leave of absence during term time will not be given for long periods and in any case will not be allowed for more than one month except in the case of illness. Any boy, who overstays his leave or is absent from school without adequate explanation, is liable to have his name taken off the roll.

3. Any boy who is absent from school will not be permitted to represent the College or his House in any activity, except with the prior permission of the Principal.

4. No boy, while in College, will be permitted to join Clubs or Associations outside School or to represent any Club or Association in any game or other activity without the prior permission of the Principal.

School Uniform

(a) Junior and Middle School - Blue shorts, white shirt, and shoes. Shoes must be worn only with white socks.

(b) Upper School - White longs, white shirt and shoes. Shoes must be worn with socks.

Slippers must not be worn to school.


1. Parents are free to engage any private tutor as they please, but they are advised not to arrange for private tuition for their children without consulting the Principal as to whether such tuition is really necessary. If parents wish to have the services of a member of the Staff for private tuition, the Principal’s written permission must be obtained and this permission must be renewed at the beginning of each term. If Private tuition is being obtained from a member of the College Staff, fees should be paid directly to the teacher (for Day Scholars) who undertake the work and should not be included in any remittances to the College. Parents are reminded that the business of the school must always have precedence over such tuition.

2. No Teacher may give private tuition to any student who is a member of his or her class.

3. Every boy is given lessons to prepare at home, and parents are urged to see that their children spend some time on their homework. In the Junior School, such work should occupy at least 1 hour, while in the Middle School it should occupy at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours and in the Upper School 2 hours or more.

3. Special Classes may be organized by teachers with the permission of the Principal.

Visits to the School

1. Visits by parents, guardians, friends of students are not permitted during school hours. If, for any urgent reason, a student has to be contacted during school hours, he should be contacted through one of the Co-Vice Principals or Sectional Heads. Such visits are restricted to parents and legal guardians only.

2. Parents should refrain from interviewing Teachers at their homes. Parents who wish to meet teachers officially should do so on Parents’ Day or on any convenient school day after prior appointment through the Principal, Vice Principal, or Head Master (in the case of the Junior School).

Co-curricular Activities

1. In all correspondence with the Principal regarding any boy in the College, it is desirable that a parent or guardian should state the full name of the boy, his class and in the case of boarders, the name of the boy’s House. Correspondence with any member of the Staff, who is not teaching the student or who is not his House Master is prohibited.

2. Information regarding a boy’s extra – curricular activities has to he included in his report. Thus, all boys should collect reports on their activities from the House Masters or Master in Charge of a particular activity and hand it in to their Class Masters at least two weeks before the end of each term.

Leaving Certificate

Before School Leaving Certificates can be issued, Pupil’s Record Sheet needs to be filled up by the student and countersigned by the Masters in Charge of various activities that the boy has taken part in while at College. The student should also hand over to the Secretary’s Office a letter from the parent to the Principal stating the Admission Number and Class at the time of leaving, and obtain special “A” and ‘B” Forms to be filled in by the student. Form “A” to be handed to the Secretary’s Office and Form “B” to the respective House Master for his remarks. The House Master is responsible for submitting to the Secretary’s Office Form “B” and Pupil’s Record Sheet. Unless these three documents (A & B Forms & Pupil’s Record Sheet) reach the Secretary’s Office, the School-leaving Certificate will not be prepared. Boys leaving School are advised to have these documents perfected and filled in. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless these requirements are fulfilled.

Parents and boys are expected to exercise common sense in ensuring that the above rules are followed. The Trinity College Kandy Principal’s decision in interpreting the rules is final.