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Rev. R. W. Ryde

Rev. R. W. Ryde (1900 – 1902)

In 1900, Rev. R. W. Ryde succeeded Mr. Napier-Clavering. Like his predecessor, he had come from Monkton Coombe where he was a Classics Master. Mr. Ryde, a scholar of Jesus College, Cambridge, was appointed to Trinity from St. John’s College, Jaffna, where he had been Principal. He went on leave in 1902; but, although he returned to Ceylon, he did not return to Trinity as he had to undertake other missionary work. During his stay here he carried on the work of Mr. Napier-Clavering; but Old Boys of this period draw a picture of him as a gentle and kind-hearted man through whose leniency discipline suffered.

During the two years between Mr. Ryde’s departure and Mr. Fraser’s arrival there was a succession of Acting Principals. The first was Rev. J. Carter in whose time a new Laboratory was added, sport flourished but discipline suffered a further lapse. In May, 1904, Mr. Napier-Clavering arrived from England to act as Principal until the position was finally filled. He left in September having “made a successful attempt to┬áminimize┬áthe bad effects of increased numbers; laying the foundations of two additional class-rooms; and, last but not least, leaving the finances of the College in a sounder condition than he found them.” Until the arrival of Mr. Fraser in November, 1904, the Rev. A. MacLulich, the Vice Principal, was in charge of the school.


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