He who enters this noble land shalt walk out pure and enriched 14 years after

School Officers’ Guild

Dream for many but reality for the chosen, entering the room under the stairs is the graduation of every Trinitian. This room is the headquarters of the most prestigious society in the student’s body _ The School Officers’ Guild. An organization which consists of The Senior Prefect (Head Boy), Prefects, School Officers and School Officer Nominees. It’s an elite club with a legacy which spans over a century. In simple terms, this august body represents the cream of the school.

The ultimate secret society in the school on the hills which emphasizes the values of exclusivity and elitism while carrying out the arduous task of maintaining high standards of discipline among students. For over a century school officers are looked upon as custodians of discipline who uphold the values of tradition. Majority of the practices and possessions of this society remain classified to the rest of the student body and staff. The Principal is the only person who is allowed to enter the Cop Room other than the members of the SOG. He pays a visit on the day of the “Pledging Ceremony” which is conducted in the room when the Nominees are granted with the permanent membership as School Officers.

A School Officer Nominee is appointed through a structured system. It all starts in a House. Eight names are chosen by a voting system. Then five students are short listed form each house by the recommendations of the staff which include character, discipline, academics, sports and extracurricular. After a formal meeting among staff members and house masters the final five names are sorted for appointment. Thereby 25 names are nominated. (5 from each House). Once the names are announced at the assembly the gentlemen take office as school officer nominees. They spend a six month probation period as nominees before they are granted the permanent status as School Officers according to performance. Often the 10-12 Prefects are selected for the following year from the set of first term appointees.

Prefects and School Officers gain orders directly from the Principal and report only to him through the Senior Prefect who acts as the bridge. This process is not interrupted by any teachers or faculty heads. Often the Senior Prefect is metaphorically referred to as the left hand of the Principal who has equal recognition of a school master. Students as a practice address the Senior Prefect as “Sir”. Regular interaction between the Principal is synonymous; Coffee Mornings and High Tea at the Principal’s bungalow has been popular events for the guild ever since its inception. During these events, issues pertaining to day scholars and boarders are presented to the direct concern of the Principal.

SOG extends the arms of fellowship to the Prefects guild of Royal College Colombo when they host them for a traditional lunch and get-together prior to the Kandy leg of the Bradby Shield encounter. Likewise, Royalists host the Trinity school officers for lunch before the Colombo leg. This hospitality enhances comrade and creates a networking platform among the cream of the two leading institutions. Furthermore, the Guild hosts Anthonian Prefects for Lunch and tea during the annual Big Match. The traditional prefects get together between the school on the hills and school by the sea takes place over

The Trinity- Thomian weekend either in Kandy or Mount Lavania. Another high tea is organized by the Guild for the Ladies’ College Prefects after the Trinity- Ladies’ annual debate.

The Senior Prefect (Head Boy):

Flag bearer of the school, head of the student’s hierarchy and the trusted companion of the Principal, Senior Prefectship is the premiere position amongst students. He’s popularly labeled as the left hand of the Principal while Vice Principal being the right. Senior Prefect is appointed on the third Monday of each February after the annual Prize Giving which takes place on the second Friday of every February. One ends his term after delivering the customary Vote of Thanks in the Prize Giving with a request for a holiday from the Chief Guest.

Primary task of the Head Boy is to act as the bridge between students and administration. He’s expected to be the voice for the student’s body. Over the years Senior Prefect is granted similar privileges of a school master and the students address him as “Sir”. He has a reserved seat at assembly and chapel services and students are not permitted to leave premises prior to him.

Head boy is expected to reside in college premises in the “Senior Prefect’s Lodge” which is a part of the hostel. Thereby, he obtains total supervision over every activity during and after school hours. Traditionally, the Senior Prefect carries the College flag at the Lord Bishop’s visit (Trinity Day) and at the Bradby Shield encounter. At the annual Festival of Carrols and Easter Service, Senior Prefect is offered the opportunity to recite a Bible lesson alongside the Principal and Vice Principal. Thereby an elite status and recognition is ensured for the position.

Thrithva Ranga:

School Officers’ Guild of Trinity College is a self-sufficient organization which receives majority of funding from their annual extravaganza _ Thrithva Ranga. It’s a talent show organized and performed by the monitors themselves. Often organized at the end of each year, it showcases the aesthetic and humorous side of the Prefects who display an authoritative image over their subordinates in school. Thrithva Ranga is widely renowned as the most anticipated youth event in Kandy next to the Bradby. The show is open for outsiders and the guild receives funding from ticket sales and sponsorships for the next calendar year.

This event offers an exposure to the young teenagers on event management and the value of professionalism. While the term at office polishes the soft skills, public relations skills and communication skills of a student, this mega event adds a new dimension towards grooming a full-fledged Trinitian.