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Rev. H. P. Napier-Clavering

Rev. H. P. Napier-Clavering (1890 – 1900)

To take the place of the Principal the school had lost in so tragic a manner there arrived in June 1890, the Reverend H. P. Napier-Clavering, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge and a master at Monkton Coombe School. During his time the school went through a marked transformation. When Rev. Napier-Clavering arrived there was abroad the great spirit of enthusiasm that had been stirred up by Rev. Perry and on this he built a school the near equal of any in Ceylon.

He first put it on a sound financial footing, added considerably to the available accommodation and constructed, in addition to a number of new class-rooms, the building now known as Napier House.

In other respects too this decade marks a very real advance. The school magazine appeared for the first time as an official publication, the Cricket Club was flourishing, the Cadet Crops was getting into its stride, and on the encouragement of the Principal an Old Boys’ Association was formed. The work of the school showed a steady improvement and examination results were better than before. The discipline of the school too was satisfactory. Home claims carried him away in 1900 but on three subsequent occasions he came out to act as Principal, the last time being in 1910.


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