In learning you will teach.. and in teaching you will learn

Rev. J. Ireland Jones

Rev. J. Ireland Jones (1857 – 1860)

The Kandy Collegiate School was founded in 1857, by the Rev. J. Ireland Jones. This institution came into existence in answer to an appeal for a school of higher education in Kandy. It functioned for about six years; but Mr. Jones had already resigned before it finally closed down. It was this school that was re-opened in 1872, the year from which Trinity dates its existence.¬†Evidently the School was in a flourishing condition in Mr. Jones’ time; but in 1860, anxious to devote himself to evangelistic work, he retired from the College and his place was taken by the Rev. R. B. Tonge.

The best available account of Mr.Jones is that of an Old Boy of Trinity, the Hon. T. B. L. Moonemalle, who knew Mr. Jones later very intimately, “He is an ardent and ideal missionary he will ever be remembered in Ceylon. I have met many men-some of whom attained greatness- who gratefully acknowledge the magnetic influence of his personality in shaping their lives, and implanting within them those qualities which tend towards the betterment of the community. As a preacher Mr. Jones was unexcelled in those times. His sermons were always impressive and caused conviction. An earnest delivery, a natural eloquence, profound scholarship, careful study, combined with mental powers of a rare order, produced a preacher who attracted crowds and left a lasting impression behind.”


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