To lead is to serve.. To serve is to lead..

The Vision


  • Build up the lives of Christian youth in the Christian faith so that they will become leaders & workers in the extension of the Kingdom of God in Sri Lanka.

  • Impart a sound education to all its students which by the right relation to body, mind, emotions and spirit will be conducive to the forming of Christ-like character.

  • So inculcate the spirit of Christ-like service in its students, that they will become valued citizens of Sri Lanka and the world.

  • Conduct the affairs of its Institutional life in every respect in relation to its students, staff, parents and the general public in such a way as to portray the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.


The Mission

Map 3

  • We exist as a private residential College providing affordable education for boys, based on sound Christian principles.

  • We seek to be in the forefront of educational innovative & creative change, by providing excellent academic opportunities culminating in the best possible qualifications appropriate to the aspirations of the Nation.

  • Our residential boarding will offer a caring, comfortable and secure environment with strong emphasis on the development of the whole person – spirit, emotions, mind and body.

  • Our extra-curricular programmes will be second to none and will offer exceptional facilities for sport and other activities over the widest range possible.

  • Our unique heritage, the Chapel, acts as a focus for the students and staff of every community, reminding us of our foundational values in producing God-fearing, caring, dedicated young men, willing to serve their country and humanity in bringing about a just, free, loving society in the footsteps of our founding fathers and Jesus Christ.