He who enters this noble land shalt walk out pure and enriched 14 years after

Projects For Sponsorship

  • Main Dining Hall
    • Tiling of the floor and walls.
  • Upper School Staff Room
    • Refurbishing with New Furniture and work Tables.
  • Middle School Staff Room
    • Refurbishing with New Furniture and work Tables.
  • Gaster Block
    • Tiling of Ground floor Corridor.
    • Replacement of Doors and Windows of both floors.
    • Repairs / Replace of floor Boards
  • Fraser Block
    • Replacement of the Asbestos sheets with Zinc Aluminum sheets and Repairs to the roof Structure.
    • Repairs / Replacement  of  Doors and Windows including the Library.
    • Tiling of Class Rooms.
  • Junior School N. S. Walter Block
    • Tiling of Class rooms including the corridor.
  • Former Squealery Dining Hall
    • Repairs to Roof structure and replacement of the Asbestos sheets with Zinc Aluminum Sheets.
  • Wickramasinghe Block
    • Repairs to roof Structure.
  • Alison House
    • Replacement of Beds and New Cupboards.
  • Class Rooms
    • New Desks & Chairs 1000 x 5000.00 per unit.
  • Concrete Terraces behind Goal Post with Hood.
  • Construction of Grand Stand with Roof adjoining The Present Grand stand With Roof.
  • Sprinkler system for the Grounds.
  • Refurbishment of Dressing rooms and Toilets.
  • Replacement and Repairs to the Gym Roof.
  • Repairs to Concrete slab above Water Purification Plant.
  • Administrative Block.
  • Installation of Showers, Dressing Rooms and Toilets for Students visiting Farm.
  • Covering of terrace from Site Screen to score board.
  • Renovation of Old Pavilion.
  • Repair to concrete terraces from score Board to OTSC.
  • Repairs to Sight Screens – 02 sets.
  • Indoor Cricket Nets


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